Looped City

Date: 7/13/2017

By lucid_dreams

Imagine this: you're in a small round court yard. The court yard is surrounded by tall sky scrapers. In the very center of the court yard is a very detailed Fountain. You look up at the massive buildings and see that the have no doors or open windows. You also see that the buildings don't have any gaps in between them, not a single inch. You ask yourself if you are trap and you start believing that you are. You scream out for help. "I'm here!" You slowly turn behind you to see a good friend of yours at on the roof top holding a rope latter. They drop the one side of. The ladder and it unravels on it's way down to you. Once you've climbed to the top you look across only to find that the roof tops extend out passed the horizon. You're hoping that the fog is just blocking your view, you pray that there is a way out. There isn't. Then it hits you... the roof tops don't end there basically looped. How did your friend get to you then? You turn around only to find that they're gone. -game over- ~ Hope you enjoyed reading about my dream, even though I didn't have much fun dreaming it.~