Mall Mermaids

Date: 8/12/2017

By Abidoue

The first was that I was in a mall, with a bunch of friends. I'm not sure what we were doing here¿ I was with a bunch of friends, and it ended in a mermaid fight. I don't know how we became mermaids though. Not all of us were, only like a handful, maybe three or four. In the end, people suspected our hiding place to have mermaids, which endangered us. And when we figured we were set up by other mermaids, me and another girl snuck into water at the view of all -- they couldn't see the mermaids but we could -- and because I was able to keep us both with legs all along, we safely took a picture of the three mermaids manigancing not too far and brought it back to them. Since we could see them when the picture was taken, everyone could. We started passing it at a theater and it begun messing up. I don't remember what it was about, I think there was a few friends and couple fights in our group, during the presentation. The only thing I do remember is the mermaids running away, and when they were far enough we told the whole town who they were and we were safe, because even if they did catch the mermaids, they wouldn't come for us anymore.