My dad cheated on my mom with my brother

Date: 5/7/2017

By jader11

I was just chilling at my house and my brother said That he had some news. But then he didn't tell me. I then see my dad kissing my brother and pushing him up against the wall. My brother threatened me not to tell my mom. I cried a lot because i was confused. My brother started to chase me around the house. My dad told him to stop. I told them when mom gets home I'm telling. When my mom got home I told her we needed to go on a ride. I started crying in the car and then I told her. She was so confused and didn't really believe it. Then my brother was pissed so he got in front of my moms car and tried to get into the car and hurt me and my mom. We drove away from him and then I asked her if we would move out of the house and she said she wasn't sure. We went to a cool area with some really nice houses.