Amanda's Tiny Furniture Collection

Date: 7/29/2017

By toxxicduck

I was at Amanda's house with her and Meagan. Amanda was showing us her collection of miniature furniture pieces, which does not exist in real life. They were just small pieces of furniture, like toddler sized. Or cat sized, if a cat would use human furniture their size... These furniture pieces were super important to Amanda, her prized possessions, and she went around and explained each piece to us. There were chairs and tables and lamps and dressers etc, all around the room. I didn't take her passions seriously at all. I jokingly went to sit on the miniature couch and Amanda screamed and shoved me away from it. I tumbled against the miniature bedside table, knocking over the miniature table lamp that sat on top, which fell and shattered on the floor. She became so upset that she burst into tears and kicked me out of her house. I stayed on the porch waiting to be able to apologize and even repeatedly rang the doorbell to force her to let me back in (probably not helpful at all). Eventually Meg came out and just shook her head at me in shame.