I Hate Sundays

Date: 4/7/2017

By kodokushoujo

My father was a co-pastor at a church that he dragged me and my family to. We were forced to be presentable and stand next to him on the podium. The dream starts with him greeting the church and his voice echoing through out it. Everyone as usual is saying amen after everything. We pray and then he plays a song that focuses on fathers and he holds me and my sisters hand (it was pretty sweet despite all of the church shit). People gathered and prayed to the clouds or held hands and sung with their fathers. Anyway, the sermon started and of course I get separated from my mom. She always used to bring jolly ranchers and other little snacks in her purse. I'm sitting next to someone on the end of the right side pews. My father is no where to be seen. I end up maneuvering my way closer but it didn't seem like my sister wanted me next to her. Here is where the dream switches to a few hours after. Its still sunday and the sun is still shining. We head to this park thing where they auction off animals for adoption. It was like an animal wonder land. There were elevators that transported you everywhere and on every corner were cages stacked on cages. It was kind of sick to do something like that Imo but anyway.. my cat, Lilly is in the cage near my family and again I get separated from them. I'm put in this like sunday school with these cringy awkward children and no one was watching us. There was a pool and I dipped in, swimming and sticking to myself. I end up talking to this little kid who turns out to be a bald headed horse from 1920 (idk lol😂). He's a stalker and doesn't like that I figured out He's not a child so I run fast through the various elevators trying to find my family and take Lilly back.