Lots of bugs and a middle school prom

Date: 4/28/2017

By weaselpuppy

Mr. Brody is driving the van and then Conner who is sitting in the front seat gets out of the van at a farm house and goes in to get a book for Mr. Brody. As soon as he opens the doors a whole bunch of tinny bugs fly into the van. When he shuts the door all the little bugs die all but one. We are all freaking out about this one bug and all the others because they all disappeared so we kill the last bug. Then we are driving through a field and Kalo opens the back of the van and the swarm of bug comes in but Kalo won't close the doors and we are freaking out again. Kalo is laughing evilly. Mary and I are in another farmhouse getting ready for the middle school prom and I am looking though a drawer of mom's old dresses that is really deep and skinny. I find a really print blue dress and go into the other room to change. then Mom gets home and says I love that dress but it doesn't fit you so we have to get you a skarf. then I find a super pretty purple and white skarf and put it on. Then I woke up.