Date: 1/17/2017

By sarahsleeps

I don't remember the very start of my dream. The moment that is the most clear is when I was tied to a chair with two other people around me. A boy around my age to my left and a younger boy to my right. We sat in a small kitchen and I was the only one not blindfolded. A man turns the corner and enters the kitchen holding a black cloth. He proceeded to tie it around my eyes. He told us he was leaving only for a moment. We were to not make any noise or move from our spots. He laughed. Probably from his own joke because we could not move due to being tied up. I heard his footsteps walk away and then the door open and close. I continued to listen as a car started up in a big roar, a truck maybe. You could hear the tires, pass over what could be a gravel, and fade away. I heard one of the boys struggling next to me. The older one rips off my blindfold and proceeded to cut the ropes away. I wasn't sure how he got out. He finished my arms and told me to free my legs myself before moving on to the younger boy. We exited through the kitchens back door but was stuck again. Around the yard were heavy tires stacked up to three times any of our heights. And any holes between them were fenced with barb wire twice the size of the tires. There was a small patch of opening that led into a dark lake. It didn't look safe. We all looked at each other silently weighing our options. We could try to climb the fence but there's no way we could make it let alone without cutting up our hands and legs. The older boy sighed and started toward the lake assuming we would follow. We did. He jumped in, I couldn't see him after that. The younger boy looked at me scared. We didn't talk but I motioned to him it'd be okay then I jumped it. I felt the boy follow me, being under the lake I could see a little better. I saw the older one ahead of me and the young one behind me. As I looked back at him I saw his eyes go big and he began to struggle. I didn't understand what was happening. He was then pulled harshly back. He was being dragged. I popped my head up to see the man from before pulling the boy out of the lake. He looked angry. I couldn't do anything. I went back under and continued to follow the other boy. We get to the other end and pull ourselves out of the water. I look back. Across the lake the man stood, staring. The older one followed my eyes. He grabbed my arm pulling me toward the woods opening. He told me we had to keep moving and not to worry. We would go back he promised. The path in the woods was short and we exited to enormous hills and opened. Land. No people in sight and no where to hide once we get walking. The boy turned to me and said we have to run. I couldn't stop running. No matter what. I woke up after we began to run.