Date: 3/11/2019

By morgynallen

A friend was spending the night at my house. Everything felt more eerie than usual; the normal ambience of a grandparent’s home wasn’t there. It was darker and cooler. We sat in the living room, but had a visual of the kitchen, as well as a mirror that was pinned to the wall on the opposite side of the kitchen. It reflected us, and everything back to us. My dad sat in one chair of the dining table, a little kid across from him. I assume that was my baby sibling, if I had ever had one. First it was his bottle of pop. It was lifted off the table and placed in his hand. We looked into the mirror and saw a figure of an older man lifting the bottle. Same goes for a two liter of pop, and then maybe a thing of food. I wasn’t sure what the third item was. The older man didnt seem to realize he wasn’t there with us. His figure was dark, but not necessarily scary. Cut to my family and friend and I sitting at the table the next morning. We explain what happened and what we saw; and my dad confirmed it all. The dream feels unfinished as I woke up.