forced wife of trump?

Date: 3/20/2017

By littleelf

Donald Trump was in charge of the starwars Enterprise or something and during some show for like the announcement of episode 9 he proclaimed love for me and asked me over tv to marry him but it wasn't actually asking bc I had no real choice and I've never even met him. And so my cousin was upset for me and worried and there was an arrangement for me to go spend time with him to go tan and figure out an outfit for the next huge award show or something and I guess this was forward in time where he asked me if I even loved him (while whole my boyfriend was there hanging with me pretending we were just friends) because we didn't live together and I said well honestly I've Never thought he would ask for me or something along those lines (but I think it was something more unrelated) and it got to the award show and I was basically left alone until he wanted me on stage with him and it was weird