What Comes After Me

Date: 8/4/2017

By Fitful

I was a girl, maybe a young woman. I was aware of this huge thing which was happening but not really aware of why it was happening. I might have been a protected witness, or a victim, or perhaps I was the target. Whatever it was I was being held by the police while some huge guy hunted me. Only he wasn't physically large, it was more like he was a powerful and large entity trapped in a physical vessel, like a human male body. In fact he looked seemingly harmless, thin and British and not intimidating. But they were all terrified of him, the police (who weren't a police force I was aware of) and even witnesses to the thing. I think they even caught him, or someone who knew about him. But the one they caught took a deadly poison which poured acid through the body whenever they said his true name in his presence. There was little left after that. I was very unhappy with being held against my will, it seemed like they were far too strict with what was going on. I did escape a few times, or they let me go, but I had to go back to them. To testify or... Something. Perhaps it was to lure him out, this huge guy who was after me. I'm still not sure why he was. Later, after a lot of nachos and a train ride I dithered about on, packing lots of water bottles and almost not getting on, later I was taken to a library and he was outside the locked door. It was a secret library and it seems they had caught him, or at least the air lock on the doors prevented him doing whatever he wanted. But i knew he was too powerful for that. He pretended to be even less powerful than he was, they thought they could control him, but he was only letting them think that. Inside the library, this guy protecting me was hooked up to my laptop via a cable to his brain, we had to keep him charged. He was the only one "stopping" the guy from coming after me. But we kept running into problems. Everyone around me was much more scared than I was, it was almost as if I didn't care. And I don't think k he was actually after me in a bad way, it felt more like curiosity and because they were being so crazy he decided to play. It was perhaps like he wanted to have a private chat, maybe he meant to do something i would see as huge and life changing but it wasn't malicious nor really that terrifying. I thought they were overreacting. One of my best friends, a girl with dark hair, I had to lie to her. Or not tell her the truth. She called me on it we sat in the back of her car as I pulled out empty suitcases, you know those old hard ones like from the fifties. I told her I couldn't tell her more, other than a guy was staying with me for witness protection, and no she couldn't know more. She said I didn't have to give up on her so fast. I chose a empty guitar case, thinking it might make the perfect suitcase for the last few things I needed to pack. In the end I think I was just playing the fool for the guy who was after me, I think i was the red herring or something. He was after me, but I don't think he was really after me. It was more I was leading, or following, or both. It's confusing, I'm not really sure how to explain it better. I just know, either he or I was really something different, huge and powerful and unique.