Moms visit

Date: 3/6/2017

By Aprildawn

Monday March 6th. My mom came to me last night. In a public outdoor festival setting. There was two of her. A young mom and a mom of today. I saw her and yelled mom! Mom! I went up to her and said are you my mom? She said of course I am April dawn. Don't you know your own mother? And she listed off memories. I remember next being with her in a yellow dining hall space. Telling her I was offered a choice to go with her or stay here. And we were talking about mediums. I never got to tell her my answer, as she said her time was up now. And sharol came in with TJ and offered her a chicken wing. She looked so tired at the end. But she came. And she talked with me. I don't remembered our whole conversation, but that is the first time I could touch and hug her. The first time I saw her one on one. I'll add more as I remember. Monday March 6th 2017 6:58 am.