Labor camp

Date: 3/26/2017

By ZombieTitanz

I was in a dream about a harsh labor camp. It was in a big building but only in the rooftops. I saw my classmates too. We were bossed around and it was painful. Luckily someone found a circle door on the floor and people start running to it . But by one by one. I eventually went i fell. I found a safehouse i guess. I started to look around. There were top secret alien stuff. I saw rick from rick and morty looking at aliens. Somehow i dont remember i died. But i spawned back in the labor camp. Some guard slit my hand with a knife. And i ran to the safe zone. I cane with a file that says Jacob is your name. I freaked out because that was my friends name. I when i looked in the mirror it was my normal body. I saw people coming down so i took a gun and told them to put down your pencil. There were 2 girls. One of the girl came reaching for my gun and i woke up. I also remeber seeing a river then bits of land and a person where i was said LETS HAVE A PARTY!! and the other person on the other side said random stuff