sea lion and bear

Date: 6/9/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was fishing in an ocean at the pier.I was using live fish for the hook and swept it around the water. I could faintly see it underwater so i pulled it up when i saw something grab it. At first i thought it was a bigger fish but it was a baby sea lion. I felt sad for it so i set it down and opened its mouth to remove the hook. It was stuck to his flesh so it was sort of bloody. It said it was in pain and opened its mouth for me to remove it. After a few tries i finally removed it and it thanked me. I wrapped it in a white cloth with rope tied to it to put the baby sea lion on it. Then i slowly swung him down to put him back in the water. After a while my aunt shouted at me to stop. The water was suddenly very dark and looked unsafe for the sea lion. There was also bubbles as if something was lurking under the water. So i pulled the rope back up, grabbed the baby sea lion, and walked around to try to see where i could put him back in the water safely. Nowhere looked like a good spot so i ended up taking him back home, which was a fancy 3 story building for some reason. I had the sea lion in a white blanket and was anxious to protect him from i dont even know what, i was just very protective. Then i lost it by the stairs and freaked out. I saw that the sea lion had fallen a bit more under the stairs of the house so i flew down to snatch him quickly. To my horror there was a brown bear outside of the window so i quickly flew back up the stairs and stayed with the baby sea lion for the rest of the dream.