A conversation happening in real life that became a part of my dream

Date: 7/22/2017

By TwentieToo

Like two minutes ago irl i was on the couch sleeping at my uncles. Then I i had a dream that started with me sleeping on his couch. Then I got my stuff and went to the bathroom. I've had a different version of this dream before. My uncles house is actually kinda nice, but also kinda small, at least for their family. But in the dream, the door I went into was ginormous. There were multiple beds in there. Then I asked to use the bathroom in there. Me and this other guy walked in the same time. Molly was in there too. I saw molly and ran to her and hugged her. I told her i was glad she came. Today irl there was a bday party and my sister molly decided not to come. Then the guy who walked in there at the same time as me was talking to another guy. Which, irl, was my uncle and his friend who were talking about their work. Then in the dream the second guy decided to go. Then the first guy, excused himself and said he would let me use the bathroom first, but then I insisted he use it first and walked out of the bathroom, then he said something about his father saying something to him. It rhymed, but i cant remember what it was. I laughed, and everyone else in the room laughed too. I don't know if this part was actually irl or not, and i heard it and it just became part of the dream just like the previous conversation. But i laughed so hard i woke myself up. I had a dream before this where i was in the car with a dude and his wife was walking along the road. The sun was setting and it made everything look bright red. When the dude saw his wife, he yelled at her to jump in a broken down abandoned car on the side of the road. He then had a super long rope and he swung it and lassoed the car so that his wife wouldn't have to walk. But then he pulled over and his wifes car broke into pieces.