Uneven Floor

Date: 7/12/2017

By CaseyKitten

At Keith's house w mom and Rachel. Staying on the 3rd story together for some reason. Rachel had a white kitten. The house was built poorly in the dream, and when I came to visit Rachel and mom (who were already there), the floor was uneven, tilted, and sort of pulling us all to one side. David was there and confirmed there should be some support beams put in, and he needed some money from mom for his car payment. I felt like it was totally unsafe for us to be on the 3rd floor, and the 2nd would be no better, because what if one fell on the other. I could see the house separating from the beams and could see the nighttime sky through the cracks in some places. Ultimately I decided not to stay there, and went downstairs to tell Keith. We weren't 'together' so he was like ok. He was wearing skinny jeans and stepped in poo in his small weird socks he was wearing. Also there were trapper keepers upstairs, but they were Rachel's and not vintage. I asked Rachel if I could take the kitten to spend the night with me, and she said no. Mom and Rachel elected to stay. Rachel said she needed some time away from Jeremy. I can't remember if the babies were there.