My old crush, a boat, my friend

Date: 3/10/2017

By I_Love_Dogs

I was on a boat with one of my best friends! 😃 she went into one of the showers on the boat (I don't know why there where showers!? Then my friend put a whole in the wall and jumped out. I was standing in the shower on a boat not knowing what to do. My crushes brother came over and asked what happened. I think he then went to save her. As I was talking about what happens to my crushes brother then he jumped out to save her and I ended up having to talk to my crush and telling him how she JUMPED OUT OF THE SHOWER?! It was weird. He is not my crush anymore but at the time I had the dream he was... I like someone else now and gave up on the crush in my dream. I new it would never work out and I just lost interest in him. Now I like someone else. I bet I will have a weird dream about him too!!!!