Day before FB Friendversary

Date: 7/27/2019

By danielcordero

The dream was weird at one point I was in the bathroom with Ileana just goofing around, then I appear at a dinner table with my dad, while speaking to him I see Jas’s parents and have small talk with them. Eventually I walk forward which leads to me to a grocery store . While walking by the dairy aisle I walk past Jas and we make eye contact, i was expecting to see her but I tripped the moment I walked past her, I cursed in Spanish and over heard her talking to some friends mentioning me, I keep on walking forward and hear them talking and they start running up to me. We end up greeting each other and I give her a hug (I wish I hugged her longer) she comments something (I can’t recall but it was along the lines of I miss you ) I stood there stunned and eventually we parted ways)