nightmare #1

Date: 3/12/2017

By v0nesten

there was a kitten that we had gotten, it was small and grey and it didn't like anyone as much as it liked me, but i was always off at worwic for classes, so when my family came to pick me up, theyd bring the kitten with them, but they'd leave the car door open and i would have to catch the kitten and stop it from running off. at one point, my class schedule made it so id be at worwic all day, and id have to get dinner somewhere else, so i did, and then ended up at a costume store with someone who was presumably a friend of mine. she ended up buying a very old and faded strawberry costume for her daughter. when we left, my family was there to pick me up, and were furious at me for having gotten dinner on my own, and said I'd have to be punished for it. i protested and said there was no way that i could have known that they wanted me to go to dinner with them, but they were still so angry at me. somehow, we knew that someone had been killed in front of worwic, and that everyone was panicking about something, so we ended up at a strip mall that had some sort of shelter underneath it, that seemed to be a vet. we brought the kitten in because it was panicked and wouldn't let go of my shoulder. at some point, i realized that i would have another class in 20 minutes, and we needed to leave, so my mother and i left, leaving my father and sister(s? i dont know if my older sister was there or not) with the kitten. when i got to worwic, i presumed i still had some time, so i tried to use the bathroom, but the toilet blocked the stall door from closing, so i didnt. a few other girls came in and we started joking about that. i went to go get something more to eat, but then realized it was 7:30 at night. my class, which was supposed to go from 5:30 to 7:30, had lab time to 9:45, so i went up to the class, only to find the classroom was dark. i had a flashlight and i shined it on the door, and there was a small note that said something that i know wasnt important, but i dont know what it said. i then heard the teacher for the class yelling about something, so i hid in the stairwell until he and the rest of the class that was with him went into the classroom. i went inside to talk to him, which took a while because he had a few conversations before turning to me. i said that i knew i was late, and had missed the deadline for a large amount of how i was sorry about that, and if there was an assignment for the day that i had missed. he was mad, saying that my being late was unacceptable. i protested that it was reasonable that i was late because someone had been killed outside earlier, but he was having none of it, so i left. i remembered that i hadnt taken my pills, so i pulled them out of my bag and started counting then out. a girl came by and was so mad that i got my drugs legally, and wouldnt listen when i said they were prescribed ones. another girl came by and told the other girl to leave. she sat with me a while and we talked, and eventually we went outside to wait to be picked up. i think it was a bit cold out, but nothing too bothersome. no one came to pick me up, and a huge fireball hit one of the buildings. the girl that was with me didn't react to it but i ran, as more fireballs began to hit the buildings. other people decided to run into the woods while someone was shouting to not do that. i dont know if the woods caught fire or not, but i kept running along the highway. there werent many cars.