hooking up friends

Date: 4/19/2017

By dreamvan

I arrived to visit a friend who lived in an apartment on the ground floor of a rambling old house. He had cerebral palsy that made it hard for him to move but didn't affect his voice. He was lying on his bed in the sitting room. He had two shadow figures looking after him. I couldn't quite see them, but they were helping him move around. He had a big food stain on his green shirt. Then I arrived at the same house again but this time my friend Sylvie lived there. I had brought a male friend along. The sitting room had a different layout. We wanted to watch something on tv. Sylvie's partner Sarah was also there. I was trying to move armchairs around so we could all see the tv properly. Then somebody showed me a better arrangement. Then Sarah was missing and I found out Sylvie had hit it off with my male friend. Then I arrived at the same house again with the same male friend. The guy from the first part of the dream was living here again but he no longer had cerebral palsy or a food stain on his green shirt. The sitting room had his bed in it again. When I came into the room I discovered my two friends hit it off. They were lying on the bed and starting to touch one another. I felt pleased. The shadowy attendant figures were hovering around them again.