The college dream

Date: 6/19/2019

By pretzeling

It was the classic dream where I had forgotten to go to one of my classes for a whole semester and it was the night before the final exam. I couldn’t figure out whether to frantically try and cram the whole course, since it was a literature class, or whether to try and get a counseling appointment to drop the class or something. As I was running around trying to deal with this, I notice my friend S had abandoned a baby that she was supposed to be watching. The baby was left on a couch with big cushions. I was like omfg, this baby is gonna suffocate or fall if someone isn’t watching it. I went over and, totally overwhelmed, held the baby. He was really cute and doing a bunch of laughing and babbling which I don’t usually find cute, but this one was an exception I guess. I didn’t know how tf I was gonna fix my problems while also taking care of this baby.