Date: 8/5/2019

By Ryleedreams

In a place where everyone was hiding from these creatures. It was dark almost all the time. Like something out of an apocalypse movie. The creatures looked like demon monkeys, kinda funny except they'd swarm a person and rip them apartment. In this world, however, everyone had some sort of power(s). But none strong enough to completely destroy the demons, only fend them off long enough to find shelter. No one knows the source of where they come from or exactly how many there are. I first remember my family and I going to this one shelter with a few other families. The place was like a hotel but high in the air like a forest bungalow sort of thing. The outside was like a jungle with all trees and humidity. When mu family got there we got into an argument with another family over something (i don't remember). It was late and we were standing outside on a balcony sort of thing that stretched around most of the building. All of a sudden the demons jumped out of nowhere and attacked! My family thought it best to tun inside and lock up but the others wanted to stay and fight them off. When they realized there were too many, they screamed to come back inside. My family and others inside said not to open the door or the demons will get in. The door had a glass window so I could see out, it was two parents and a young girl. From behind me I heard a boy my age screaming to let them in, it was his family, he was being held back by some others. I quickly decided to look through the window and use my "powers" to get the monkeys off them so they could run inside. They barley made it but I remember (like from Stranger Things) my nose started to bleed and I passed out. I instantly woke up after.