Electric Space Cadets, man-eating deer, lost car, and ginger-tortured cats

Date: 6/30/2017

By johnmatrix6655321

FALSE AWAKENING First dream - sticking out my hand to pet a frightened baby deer. The deer tries to bite off my hand very aggressively when it gets too close, but since its so weak, it can only try to cause pain on the arm as it is inside its throat to the elbow, which it takes that far. SO i keep doing it and it keeps swallowing my arm and trying to bite it off. Its super strange, and pretty disturbing, but i keep doing it and i want to show everyone else. There were simulated war execises for cadets, We would operate out of a giant station. We operated as squads/teams. I remember there was eggplant for $2 and $5, and it was the only thing i could think to eat. I would have bought it if it was cheaper, at the store. THe objective of the training exercise was to take over some station and use it to blow up/electronically stimulate an electrical field to some purpose, o at least to war game this. I noted that we were not taking over the biggest electrical stimulator, and i thought this may be because it was too powerful. I remember the actual game was really hard. I couldn't use any of my weapons or tools. THey were paintball-based, but we still had knives, so I wasn't sure ifi could hurt the enemy. I could never see the enemy, but nice we knew they were behind us, the guy next to me (Eddie) just had us all sprint as fast as we could to get inside. It was very dark at night, I couldn't even see my squad members during the mission. This happened almost out of the gate on the mission. We never saw them, and i got taken out by them really fast. I decided to re spawn in the base and restock on weapons, but I had no weapons because ...? So i sat down trying to manufacture them. During the loading screen i saw something that suggested that this was just the beginning, and the more advanced weaponry and tools would be built using networks of circuits and connected batteries that would ultimately be combined to make more complex machines. I started toying around this in our barracks while waiting for the next round to start. While i was experimenting, the next class was coming in and some were looking at me. I explained what i was doing and that they would get started on the same thing ASAP, they believed me. Nick was there, and we all let on the mission without him. He was late to a meeting and i ran into him as i was grabbing something last minute but I didn't invite him. Leading up to the initial mission, i was ready to go while everyone was asleep. I showed up 5 minutes before wake-up time, and everyone else was in bed, but just waking up thinking that they should get up 5 minutes early. Someone announced that it was actually too early, and it would not be starting until later. i thought i saw peopl gathering outside. When i first saw eddie, we were hurrying up to go eat before the mission. I really had to pee, and said id catch up in 5 minutes. For some reason, i thought it had to be sitting down. There was a toilet just outside the barracks/building, but it was really dirty. Before leaving eddie and whoever he was going with told me to just come and i was about to but decided i could find a toilet just inside and catch up. There were many toilets just inside, with no doors all of them, but they were all filthy. Eventually i found a cleanish one. I noticed then that it was like a common giant washroom and mixed genders. Later a light brown girl would try to make fun of me for sitting down while peeing. I didn't let it get to me even a tiny bit - [although that is not something i would do if i was being watched unless i really didn't care] I parked my car somewhere and it was really hard to find on the map. I kept trying, but the map wouldn't take me to the right place, or would malfunction. Martin was coming to town but I couldn't see him, so i traveled only partway. I needed the car to get to school in the morning, but i was freaking out i wouldn't be able to reach it in time. During this time my hair was really long [hair loss] so i put it into what i knew looked like a serial killer ponytail. I wore Jeans, and i had 2 similar pairs. I re bet master-race cadet (forgot name) laughing, but i climbed the hill looking for my car. Turned out to be a dead end. I was running also looking for it, and i was wearing my white bucks. Mom and sergey was in the dream. Mom woke up late and offered advice that was way too late to be useful. Sergey and someone else [max?] ulimealye figured out i was parked pretty close (10 min, not 2 horus away) so they were preparing to leave to drive me. During this time, as almost all the other dreams, time was pressing. Before leaving i tried to explain to Sergey the Modified Copenhagen Interpretation, and i had an 80% hunch that he had already heard of it. Somebody was counting coins, trying to get a certain sum for some reason fast. I was watching them, and it seemed like they were making mistakes. So before they finalized that t was $20 in quarters i said wait, and took them to recount/double check. Every few quarters i would find a quarter-sized coin that i had never seen before. Someone kid-like would snag it out of my hand - I never got the satisfaction of being right, they just wanted me to hurry up. Ultimately i think i only got through counting 50% of the coins, and about 50% of those were not quarters. One was even just an old watch without the straps. There was a rich roommate who looked a lot like Fern who comes out in cargo shorts right at the end, who could have easily donated something, and says 'the Internet was telling me..." something. Because he was watching this show online 0 the one of this dream. ------ After, we were trying to bundle what appeared to be dried ginger. For some reason, whoever i was with (some authority figure i dont know but was close with in the dream), the only right way to bundle them was to tie them with a live cat. You had to squeeze the cat (causing it a lot of pain) until it stopped resisting for long enough for you to tie its limbs against each other around the bundle of ginger. I had a very ambitious bundle of dried ginger, and the authority figure thought it would be a challenge getting a cat tied around it. I wanted to impress, so i grabbed a cat and started squeezing it. It looked extremely painful and really sad. I was determined not to feel bad, because this was normal here and that would be a sign of weakness. I tried getting the cat around the bundle but I wasn't able to. The cat escaped and ran off for its life under a couch extremely scared. The authority figure grabs it (or another one) from under the couch, and masterfully squeezes it and ties it. I could see i was still a beginner.