Something to hide

Date: 4/25/2017

By dianalex

This dream was pretty vivid and detailed, but also, it's 5pm now so most of it is gone. All i remember is trying to hide a packet/bag of something from some woman. The chasing was short this time, but she spent a lot of time searching for the item. Anyway we were in some McDonalds and there was a toilet in the middle. It was pretty like nice colours all bright and happy. And there was a cabinet beneath the sink which is where I hid the stuff. While I was hiding it the woman was pounding on the door like crazy and I was feeling quite anxious. Anyway I hide it and run out and she chases me. Eventually she goes back to the toilet and the dream goes into like cinema mode where I watch from almost like a security camera's perspective. She's rummaging through everything the drawers and cupboards and she's about to notice the cabinet beneath the sink when the scene cuts. I don't remember what happened next.