Nude Beach

Date: 7/22/2017

By vhpina

I was at an airport with Amy for some reason. We were trying to catch a plane to who knows where but it ended up seeming like some depressing movie about to lovers trying to live on the streets. The place we flew too I remember after we got something to eat at a food court was all a wild and beautiful beach area that was something like sauvie island. We passed several nude women sunbathers and for some reason I still tried to be polite in the dream and not stare. remember one part where we were being followed by this really short naked man and we stopped to let him pass. As he passed us my focus/point of view changed to a zoomed up version of him where he was trying to pass a part of the beach that was flooded and full of crocodiles and snakes. I remember that instead of jumping as far as he could he took tiny high knee steps, stepping in between the crocodiles and snakes. I had for some reason high resolution and slow motion viewing of the crocodiles and snakes snapping their Jaws at him and missing.