escaping white clouds

Date: 4/24/2017

By dreamvan

Earth was being invaded by aliens. I was trapped by them. They were white clouds all around my body. I woke up and was tangled in the sheets. I went back to sleep and it was still the same dream. I was with a few other people trying to escape. Then my perspective changed. I kept watching video sequences in which individual people were stalked and consumed by an alien. I don't remember the first sequence. In the second one, a young woman was being pursued. She was walking down a hallway in a research facility. The walls were lined with brightly lit terrariums. She kept putting her head into them and looking around. She got killed. The third victim was in a similar setting. He was tall and beefy with shoulder length curly brown hair. I didn't want him to get caught but he did. Then I was fleeing through a deserted city at dusk. A bus passed me but I had a remote control in my hand that allowed me to apply brakes and make it stop. When I got on, the driver scolded me for being late. He said my wife and daughter would be waiting for me. I couldn't tell whether he actually knew me and thought I had a wife and daughter or was just making this up. The hunky victim from the third sequence was on the bus. We knew each other and got off the bus together in a little while. We walked through an empty university building with a lot of lockers on the walls. He reminded me of ginger-haired Mike, a friend I used to know in Toronto. But now he had blond hair and a vandyke. He was wearing a cowboy hat, tight jeans and a tightly fitting black leather jacket. He was larger and stronger than me, the type that really turns me on. I badly wanted to hold his muscular arms and chest. I suggested we hook up sometime at my house. He seemed flattered and attracted to me but he was evasive. He kept giving me just a few digits of his phone number. There was some way I could dial in and figure out the rest but this was tricky to do. "I just want to touch you," I said. "Really?" He smiled and seemed to like this. He was about to give me the rest of his number when I woke up.