Date: 9/19/2017

By Jenna_Winters

So it was results day and instead of going home we went to this like rugby club by the sea or something. Anyway, everyone who came congratulated me and gave me like £100 each! I was like BOi! Then I was at college again and my Professor was like "right, Jenna we are going to drive somewhere." So I was like yeah okay. So we went to my mum's work and he talked to her and he psychoanalysed me by what my mum said. He said she was the nicest parent he has met. She said I had no friends so Aaron was like "oh she can come and sit with me if she likes or join the writers guild we have here!" I was like "gee thank you Professor!" Then we were just driving along but the car was all like chilled, I had my feet up, so did he, excuse the cringe but It was kinda like we were in love or something. 😂😂😂 Anyway then we saw this boat capsize over the cliff and we jumped in to rescue the people who fell in the water like the good citizens we are. No one died yay, but no one kissed me no.