Jordan and the house maze

Date: 8/9/2019

By Rev2024

My stepmom and another girl I don’t know and I went through this obstacle corse that took place in this huge mansion. It was dangerous, every task could have killed us. There was a drowning room with an inflatable that trapped you. I was the leader because apparently I had already done this maze before. We ended up winning. I had to go back to my high school and on the first day(in real life there’s only 5 days to go!) We took a visit to my old junior high. In the cafeteria all the girls on my dance team and I were talking on the stage and that’s when Jordan walked up on me. (Story time: 8th grade year he had this obsession with me and it got really out of hands that when he got into my car for the third time and called me baby and crap that my dad flipped out, and eventually got him kicked out of my class and lunch. The next time we saw each other was in detention bc ofc life had to make me sit next to him for seven hours. Now we’re okay it’s no longer awkward. He called me ugly the other day when he got out of football and I had gotten out of dance so things are perfect right now. Also just to mention he’s freaking HOT!) He came up to me and instead of him flirting with me I told him that I changed my mind and that I want to be with him. He put his muscular arms around my neck and smiled. He didn’t kiss me, which is weird, but In this heated moment I knew there would be much more than just kissing lol. My dad would freak.