Creepy, why?

Date: 4/25/2019

By Sleepybaby

With my mom, step dad and sister at a large factory somewhere in Europe. We were going there for an experiment or for protection, I’m not sure exactly. As we pulled up to the building I get a weird sense that something is off. We proceed to be welcomed by a couple people in matching clothes and are taken to our rooms. There’s a large window somewhere in this giant mansion complex that displays large motorized gears. Everyone was sitting at a table near this window, not necessarily watching. But something catches my eye on the left. A sort of spiked gear has a more red/copper tinge to it than the others. That’s when I see a hand gripping the side of the gears only to suddenly be sucked in and gone. Was it an accident? Does anyone know? I decided not to say anything just in case. I tried explaining to my mom that we needed to leave as soon as possible. She kind of listened but not really. Later I went into her room to talk to her quietly and noticed a big glass mirror on her wall, a two way mirror. I can see the shadows of people behind it. I whisper to my mom that we’re being watched, about what I saw with the gears, and all of a sudden three people appear from a room to talk to us, distract us. And that’s all I really remember!