Robert Downey Junior

Date: 2/14/2019

By cturtle77

I had a dream last night that I was good friends with Robert Downey Jr.. We were at some sort of bar/resort on the beach but it was a mild temperature, not quite summertime. I have been speaking with a woman who claim to know him so I invited her up to the bar with us. After in traduce her to Robert he admitted that he did not know the woman. I turned to her and asked her why she had said that she knew him and she was just about to explain this when my alarm went off and I woke up. There was such a sense of familiarity between me and the group of people that were largely comprised of celebrities although Robert Downey Jr. was the only one that I recognized. There was also a woman with the nickname of J Wu not to be confused with Jay wow. This was after a scene in which I was leaving the building where I resided. It was some sort of hotel/apartment for the upper echelon‘s of society. There were only nice cars in the driveway and as we were all pulling out I popped a wheelie, a feat I had witnessed someone else do and I felt I had accomplished something worthy of my status. There was only a slight bit of tension as to the idea that I would be discovered as not being worthy of this group of people. Earlier in the dream I was at some sort of warehouse/hospital and it was a different sort of crowd, more like an apocalyptic grouping of people who are trying to scrap together life. I walked into one room with stainless steel work tables. I was with one other guy, I think we were searching for someone. The man we encountered in the room with the stainless steel tables look at us questioningly, he thought we were there to have sex on the tables. The person we were looking for was not there so we left. It is almost as if throughout the dream I escalated through three different levels of social strata. The place I felt most at ease was with Robert Downey Jr., especially when he was sitting on the bar cross legged right in front of me. We had an easy rapport.