high school

Date: 2/27/2017

By druyan

so I'm back in my high school, only it's upgraded and significantly less shitty. for some reason, I have to repeat a year in order to keep my diploma? keep in mind, irl I'm a senior in college. anyway, I'm in class and it's my least favorite teacher, Mrs. Perkey. I get up to go to the bathroom, but Mrs. Perkey says I need to ask for the pass. im just like "fam, I'm 22. ill leave whenever I want to." she gets really upset with me and tells me that on my way there and back I need to write a list of 16 notable things/places in the school. on my way to the bathroom I see Phillip, a guy I hung out with (made out with lmao) a lot in actual high school. he's a lot hotter now. he's always been tall but now he's like six 6'4. i immediately start flirting with him and due to dream logic, we start making out. we go to the schools phone booth (i fuck you not, this school still has a functioning phone booth and the bottom half is opaque, so it's a popular makeout spot). so we're sitting down, getting hot and heavy, when I notice a note from the joker. there's a picture of him and that clown girl fucking and the note says that we have to fuck better than they did in order to escape the phone booth. unfortunately, this is where I wake up.