Rollercoaster hotel

Date: 9/19/2019

By jennasauve

I dreamt that I was walking with Dylan in a big modern, plush hotel. The lobby was high up in a narrow room and it almost looked like a movie theater. Dylan bumped into some female friends and started talking and I remember feeling slightly jealous but I didn't want to let him know so i walked away. Minutes later he found me again and we got onto the elevator to go to another part of the hotel. I remember being nervous. The elevator turned into almost a carnival ride and it swung us all around. It broke off and flew out of the hotel and into the road. I noticed it turned into a train and burst through the road. We somehow survived and didn't have a scratch.. We talked about how we couldn't believe we didn't get hurt but we weren't actually acting very surprised. We were acting as if it was not even a big deal.