car person, chowder?

Date: 2/15/2017

By headFeed

im going shopping with my family, my dad does a uturn to get to a parking lot but gets caught, the policeman (who looks more like a lawyer?) gets into the car with us. and tells us to drive somewhere. im sitting in the back with him (i usually sit at the front) and my dad missed a turn so hes trying to do another uturn. he asks the guy what the weather is and that he can check through the tv in the car. the guy opens up the little tv thing and tries to set it up, my dad begins the turn but the guy realizes and said that were trying to distract him. we get out of the car and instead of being in the city were suddenly out on a road with teees and a feild surrounding us. a car comes in really fast and cartoonlike and this lady comes out. its apparently my aunt or something? i said in the dream that i was wxpwcting this red haired old lady to come, from billy (fromm billy and mandy) side of the family?? she fixes some wall that was in the way and leaves. next i remember that im chowder? and i have this huuuge pet that says slowly that he needs to have my attention. i keep getting distracted and he calmly tells me that he really needs me to focus on what he says. he then tells me that he has to go. and that ill never see him again. were in a snowy place and its very dramatic. i watch him walk away from me. something else where im playing a game with my friends.