Practicing waking up from a lucid dream

Date: 2/8/2017

By iwanttobelieve

I was at a store and I realized I was dreaming and I saw I was with a bunch of dream characters at a table and some of them we're like smaller as if they were Dwarfs and I counted of my fingers on one hand as part of my reality check but I had five fingers which was odd because I knew I was dreaming and I should have counted more like usually and then I tried to see if I could feel my sleeping body from my dream bodies perspective and I kind of could feel standing up and laying down at the same time and then I decided to talk to my dream characters about how I did in tonight's lucid dreams and I listed a few things off and they kind of just blew me off like they didn't care and I think they started to leave the table and I was like alright guys I'll see you later! and I decided to wake up and I opened my eyes and found myself in bed