Intruder in House 3am

Date: 2/18/2017

By Joe V Volcano

I was sleeping and heard a noise. I tried to get up to investigate but couldn't move. When I could move I grabbed my big torch and checked the house warily. There was no one until I opened the laundry door and a man with 3 boys was repairing the washing machine! He had the front off and was soldering a circuit board. I seemed to understand his repair was to do with earthing. I yelled out to my wife to call 000. He stayed there with the boys and didn't resist. She hadn't called police so I said call 131444. she was in another room talking to a friend. I said to the boys"you could have gone into all the rooms and stolen $50 each while your dad worked. Son Adrian appeared and He gave them his wallet saying "take this" and he left. I was thinking "how altruistic*. Woke up some time later and rememberd dream.