Want Tea?

Date: 5/21/2017

By irina_4

It was late at night when my mother and I were watching a show in the TV room πŸ“Ί. The next thing we know this middle aged Asian lady in traditional clothes 🎎 came upstairs and offered us this mysterious tea 🍡. She spoke in sentence fragments but said "drink tea, helps your life!" My mother and I drank the tea and instantly we felt great πŸ΅πŸ˜„ completely comfortable no anxiety, joy, it was fantastic. I had to get more tea and I offered to get my mother more as well. When I went downstairs I expected to see the lady but she was nowhere to be found πŸ€”.. I saw the tea kettle 🏺 but it was empty. I went into the living room and saw a cup of her tea just waiting for her. I went into my mothers office πŸ—ƒπŸ—„ and there was no evidence of the woman. I went from the living room to the office again to the kitchen but I couldn't find the lady. I was so confused but then I see something move very quickly out of the corner of my eye. πŸ‘€ I whip my head around and I see something red (like the lady's robe) move across the floor way to quickly to be a human. I was spooked . I didnt know the ladys name so I couldn't call out to her 🀐. As I kept sneaking around the house I would see the red thing dart through the darkness. Over and over and I could even hear multiple legs scurry across the floor when the red thing would dart. Imagine what a huge bug πŸ› or spiderπŸ•· would sound like running across the floor. I was moving very quickly from one room to the next when I darted into my mothers office and turned all the lights on and shut the door. I had only been in there a mere second before I could hear my mother shout out to me. It sounded like she was in the next room (the kitchen 🍴) and when I didnt respond she said "I saw you dart in there come here! RIGHT. NOW!" 😣 I woke up due to the scream and thought my mother had actually yelled to me in real life but I was relieved to discover she was asleep.