it’s not real

Date: 7/4/2019

By juulianjuice

i forget exactly how i ended up here. but i was in some kind of group of young people and we were all taken to live in this town. things were normal but we were under constant surveillance by the staff. i remember people eventually wanting to leave and trying to run away from the town by escaping through sea so far only two males. they’d always be captured again and seemingly punished but the staff would claim they weren’t punished. one man in particular was my friend and he was the first to try to really swim out of the community. others got stopped at the beach and gave up. it was freezing but he went in. i watched him give me a final glance before entering the sea. only to realize they’d blocked off the entire section of the ocean to trap us. he was dragged out of the water and after that his spirit was killed. you could tell something significant happened. i walked up some odd clear staircase after witnessing his capture. i wanted to escape too. i went back up to a room where a group meeting for the females were taking place. the staff was telling us how the man made a mistake and he wasn’t trying to really escape and there was no worry. i wanted so badly to be free i started quietly crying while i looked out the window. the girls around me giggled and laughed with each other and i was so angry they didn’t understand. how could you not understand what’s happening? i wondered. i sobbed and sobbed. the staff gave me a dirty look. i didn’t care because i was planning my escape.