Date: 3/5/2017


Mum plants a mushroom, these were incredible mushrooms, each was a different colour and they went so high about 3m and some were lower ones, when I saw them I want amazed, she had set up an apparatus which had water coming up from the grounds like steam to keep them moist and they had flourished so much. She had even hung curtains around then to block out the dark. I wanted to take a photo with her and dad I front of them but she refused and it was just dad on ibis own and I got annoyed. Eilidh was and she had got into gardening aswell and some seeds of hers had arrived online and she wanted me to plant them at the weekend and I said I would, I could identify one of the seeds which was large and see through and I described the seed. It was too start out as a tiny flower like a snow drop and the flourish into a really big one which had a thick stalk and which petals. The seeds which where sent were all for being planted in wet weather which made it easy for planting in England. Dad was getting at me a bit for being to busy at the weekend as I had lots of things planned like sport and studies but mostly planting.