Some party

Date: 3/28/2019

By stev54356

It was a party at my old house kinda and a ton of people were there and I want point I started fighting with a dude but it was kinda play fighting but like I also slammed him through a glass door and tossed him of the patio but there was a girl and was basically my girlfriend I was at the party she would sit back and I’d dance then I remember driving down the mountain to get home it was like a abandon plant area😂 they had a green house which was tore apart and stuff like that and the farther you went into the woods it would become a fun house which was cool I remember being at the top right asking the girl to meet me and she cane up and dumped me on the spot and then I ran no destination but I did towards the bottom part and then a droid ship landed from Star Wars and I hopped on them I woke up