Shot... 2 dreams in 1!!!! I'm traumatized.. pls read

Date: 2/12/2017

By cyeje

To be very detailed, I had 2 dreams while napping(I was home alone, and the tv was off) My first dream, I don't remember in such detail as I do my second. I was in the backseat of a car that my boyfriend was driving, I'm not too sure who was in the front seat. We were on the highway and he was driving backwards! Literally driving in reverse speeding. In front of us there was another car who seemed to be his friends and everyone found it funny. The road was clear but after a while I remember telling him it isn't funny anymore to drive correctly. He tried to turn the car around going full speed, like as if he were doing a "donut" but ended up spiraling out on the highway, my body went everywhere and I remember seeing us hit a tractor trailer, my vision of it//point of view was if I was still in the car but yet my boyfriend got out of the car to look for me and I ended up being outside of the car with blood all over me I instantly woke up. Upon waking up I kinda just repositioned myself in bed and fell right back into my nap instantly. My second dream, Was that I was home, and my boyfriend and friends were around for some reason they ended up leaving and what looked like my home had really been a hotel that had a beautiful pool and balcony attached to my room, I went outside to the balcony when all of a sudden I heard voices whom I assumed were the voices of my boyfriend and friends, I opened up the balcony door and said something when I realized they're were strangers robbing the room. In the room with me they're we're two of them but there we're others in different parts of the hotel room suite. The first guy instantly shot at me but I put hand in front of the bullet (my hand got shot first) he shot at me again but only got me in my right shoulder, so the 2nd guy shoots me directly in my stomach I say they're lying on the couch in pain holding my stomach I didn't look to see if they're was blood for some reason I didn't look at my wounds but felt as though their was. I sat lying there for What felt like minutes go by and suddenly found my phone next to me, I texting my friend Who wasn't in my dream at all accidentally telling him I needed help, then texted my boyfriend a couple seconds later my boyfriend comes in and I black out. I wake back up to my boyfriend being on the floor but alive just hurt and the strangers being going I ran outside to the hall crying and holding my stomach I called 911 and was speaking to them I told them where I was and that I've been hurt and all I remember is falling to the floor holding my stomach in pain and I woke up in a sweat, laying on my stomach with my hand holding my stomach in the same place I've been shot. For some reason this dream has really hit a nerve for me I woke up paranoid and actually started crying. This dream really isn't sitting well with me