The fog

Date: 2/15/2019

By PandaPuff

So I was alone but I found a group with a nice leader and he let me enter. We ran around to different locations and I shut and locked the door. Someone wanted in and we decided to let them in, but after that the door wouldn't shut. I was freaking out slamming it and trying to lock it so the fog wouldn't get in when it came. I guess that drew attention, because a monster with tentacles shoved them in the door and I slammed it on them but it didn't care. Eventually the fog began to seep through and I ran. We were all screaming trying to get somewhere the fog couldn't touch us. I dove under the bed and random creatures came in and killed a lot of the group I was in including the leader. When everything quieted down, a monsters head landed beside me and it as moving and looking at me. I punched it. My group was yelling my name, I don't know if I didn't get out because I wasn't sure it was safe or because I felt it was my fault everyone including the leader died. I eventually got out and ran to catch up with them into another house which happened to be mine. "It's about time you came out of hiding." Said one dude. Rude. I'm pretty sure they were all pissed at me. I opened the door and let a bunch of cats and dogs in, one being mine. I ran back in the laundry room and scooped dog food and gave it to the cats who hungrily ate it. Some of the cats were fighting for being in the same territory and being strangers. I went into the living room and fed a big black dog. He said,"Oh thank god I'm eating in time. I don't think I would've made it." That one guy was complaint saying if times got rough we'd need the dog food to eat. I just rolled my eyes and continued feeding the hungry animals. I don't know why but we were outside and the fog was coming. I ran then I woke up.