If Government, Monarchy, and Religion were all one political power.

Date: 6/20/2019

By Fitful

My father was having disputes with his wife, my step mother, on raising his kids in a certain way and living that lifestyle, maybe it was a religious/political way. He felt very trapped. We sat behind the house looking over the green grass at it. I asked if he wanted to move out but the marriage was good and he loved her. It was just this one thing he couldn't live with anymore, he didn't believe it in it. I told him he had a guest house. And I'd be fine, I had my house, and someone else (a sister, or brother) would be fine they had their house. ~ I was bleeding from a sudden period but it came out my stomach, maybe my belly button or another hole there. I was having a hard time taking care of ti as it wasn't like normal periods. A man, my father, came out of the other room looking wrecked. The baby had been born but there was something wrong with it. I felt like I was mocking him with my bleeding. The baby had a blood disorder, it was covered in blood, or needed to eat it. I thought about offering he give the baby my blood and let him become a vampire. He'd have a healthy life free of pain. But I didn't offer as I didn't think he'd accept. ~ There was a person/creature outside my window. I had to walk the dog soon but I didn't want to leave the house while he was there. He was like a cripple, but walked on his disjointed limbs which were overly long, his skin was like a dragonfly's and a gargoyle's. Like stone but with warm body beneath it. He kept harassing others on the street. ~ I opened the window and a horsefly tried to fly in. I shoed it out as a bat flew by, a very large bat the size of a cat. It peered in and saw I was Gothic and stopped hooking its little wing tips into the window frame. He was very interested in me. "Ooo, a goth" he said and in his attention made a beeline for me. I reached out and grabbed him, managing to shoe away the fly. The large bat came in willingly and I huged him to my chest. He told me he was a fruit bat and I held him to my right breast (right looking down) (I was naked) and he bit it but the feeling was unlike anything else, less like he was a vampire bat as he wasn't draining me, instead he was dissolving into me - like his very soul was seeping into my skin. It felt very good and I welcomed him saying I'd take care of him always. His soul became a part of me. ~ I was in school, the same sorta government/religion ruled this school, and I was being a pain. I didn't sit down, in kept wandering around the edges of the class room which looked like my bedroom. I finally went to blow out a candle on my dresser and obey the teacher when he came and blew it out for me. Then he dragged me to the middle of the room surrounded by desks. I mouthed off an opinion on the government/religious system he was teaching. He seemed nervous, unsure of himself, and tried to hit me. I was shocked but mocked him. He kept trying to punch me and kick me and I told him he was literally trying to kit a child, a girl. "What type of man are you?" I askes mocking and horrified. He just kept trying and I kicked at him, at his balls but I didn't connect. I was playing, slightly scared if he did actually hit me, but more mocking this teacher for his uncool than anything. He used my kicking at him as an excuse to defend himself. He hadn't liked what I said politically, and he was attacking based on the dislike of my opinion. I didn't actually ever hit him even as he tried to fight me, no blow ever landed. ~ I was messing about in a government/monarchy politics. It was a game. I won, lost, moved, got one up on some opponent. This time I had been haruanged by a date they decided to change the day of a meeting. I used a nice voice to express honest surprise. Then later I got in good with the upper ups and won a huge victory and rubbed it in their faces. ~ I was coloring with a little boy, a step brother. He was very intelligent and good at drawing. We each got a page in this coloring/ game we played. This page represented all the things you were. I colored mine carefully inside the lines. He was using free hand to draw his options and color them with colored pencil. Like I said he was advanced. ~ I was at a doing some schoolwork and I had a date with Katy. I loved her name so much I said it aloud while she was up at the counter and talking to some fellow classmates. Katy was popular and a social butterfly where I was more shy and quiet.