The most realistic lucid dream I've had yet (20min long) Tried to have sex, asked subconscious deep questions, did math,

Date: 8/5/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

So after watching a lot of lucid dream videos (Tipharot). I somehow realized I was lucid. It was unreal. I felt the ground and the walls. I could feel the tips of my fingers run across the textured surface and could feel every bump. I then walked outside my house and there was a black SUV 🚙 and my mother and my grandmother inside waiting for me. It had recently rained and I felt the car and my fingers slid across it and I could feel the smooth paint. I got into the drivers seat and started the car. Guys I can't tell you how realistic it was. I held the key. Put it into the ignition and turned it the dials lit up. I changed gear to reverse. I started to drive having complete. Control. Stopping at stop signs. But it was too much, the dream was starting to fade away. I tried to stop it but I couldn't, and soon I was staring at then a k of my beautiful eyelids. At this point most people make a huge mistake and open their eyes 👀. Instead I just focused on the shapes I saw and soon I was back in the exact same dream this time in the backseat. As we were driving I wanted to test how smart I was in this dream. So I tried to do math in the dream. 12+32 76-12 and I could actually do them! This makes you more aware in the dream and you are basically awake. The. I asked my subconscious mind what my purpose in life was. It answered through my grandmother and told me it was to help people.We got to this building and inside was a dark room with wooden panelling walls. I think it was a party and there was a dozen or so people and I knew none of them (my mom and grandma were gone) I just wanted to try more things so I imagined a gun in my hand. And I spawned a nerf gun. But it shit pellets or something more powerful. Then they're were a bunch of clown /robots/ zombies and I shot them. I got bored of it after a few and then I wondered, What's one thing I never tried I thought. I know, sex!!😍. So I used the power of intent to imagine a really cute girl behind me. And there was one. Then I used the power of my mind? To just get her to follow me into the bedroom. She followed me into the bedroom. But then something weird happened. I lost all lucidity and it became a regular dream. (Wait don't stop reading yet). I was reading online and I think what happened is it doesn't work to just try to have sex, because your body wants a relationship more than just sex. Me and the girl ended up watching Netflix, on a roll down projected. Then at some point she disappeared without me noticing and now I was sitting with two of my friends and we were playing a video game. Then I woke up very sad I didn't get to have sex .