Date: 3/29/2017

By annie2az

I don't remember how this dream started straight up from the beginning. I remember a couple moments after the beginning, Kristian (made up name but same guy from 24/03 dream) and I were on this unstable platform with like 3 zombies and 6 others around the platform. the moving platform was like an elevator that brought us up. we landed on 5th floor when we wanted 8th but we met man there. he seemed to be the only other non zombie around for miles. we asked him if he knows whats up with the zombies but got no explanation until I noticed a picture on his desk. "My dad and I used to go fishing or on a boat together too." I say which caused him to smile and tell us a couple seconds story. The guy the realised zombies are trying to break into his office. He knew we were looking for a way out so he told us to go under his desk and straight on. we did that just as the zombies got into his office. Kristian and I were standing on a big van which had a smaller van on top. We looked at the van, then a couple bike on the wall and decoded to go bikes. We took 2 bikes and started riding away from the zombies.