Creepy Nasty Asylum

Date: 4/29/2017

By Charlie

I was at some evil camp dropping off a printer machine and I was taken by the people who ran the place. They wore white hospital clothing and they had blind white faded eyes. They walked aro be silently whispering about what they were going to do to me. (This next part made absolutely no sense, don't freak out) it was disgusting, sexual and filthy but it was some kind of short ritual to make her join the cult. She didn't want to obviously. I'll spare u the details but I watched and saw what was needed to happen, it included feces and stds, nothing too painful tho. I knew I had to get out but act like I'm not so I asked where the toilet was. They politely told me im was down hall on the right. I found it...kinda. It wasn't a toilet. It was a shower cubicle like one in a gym or something. U could look over the cubicle. The room was lit cos it was daytime outside and right as u step outside of the cubicle there is a glass sliding door that shows the outside area. There was a large dead grass area surrounded by gum trees and pine trees. I worn out fence divided the boiling place from a tall windmill/clock tower that was wooden and was dark and evil. As I stood in the shower the woman form earlier was coming over to the showers aswell to clean herself off from earlier. Two of the male employees followed her but kept waking and joined Me! They said I needed to be cleaned and somehow I became naked and they scrubbed my back and and shoulders. Thankfully never going to my...'twig and berries'. They calmly kept asking if I was comfortable so I said yes cos I didn't want these crazy people to do anything like decapitate me. Meanwhile all this was happening I forgot to add that the second guy cleaning me was MASSAGING MY NAKED BUTT! it was so weird but he wasn't doing anything too bad. They had finished and left me to get changed. My clothes were gone. I had the white robes waiting for me. The scene changed to a little girl in the windmill screaming and demon like creature possessing her and trying to kill her. There was some crazy sequence where we were all tryin to figure out how to open this odd door that was on the fence. We got her out but it wasn't exactly her. It was dark at the time but she was a wet slimy stingray/lizard thing. Someone did some spell, brought her normal self back and they were all back to their normal creepy selves. Two cops arrived and I spent the whole time trying to get close to them without the crazies being suspicious of me. I got close two both of them at some points and whispered "help me". That dream needed there *other dreams involved going to the mall and but that's all I can fully remember from last night*