Digital art, As he falls asleep, the person imagines dancing with their crush in a crowded cafeteria that turns into a concert venue, with their favorite band playing on stage and confetti falling from above.

Sexy girls

Date: 6/1/2017

By hailthesillynick

So I was at Boy Scout Camp when I was dreaming about this. Dream 1: The State Trooper walked away from me when I said that no funny business was going on here at the dance studio. And then from there, Well, since dance studios can have sleepovers sometimes, that meant that one of the girls, Taylor Ballard, came out where everyone else was sleeping. And started leaning on the table nude and moaning because she must've well wanted me to have sex with her! So I did it and I woke up with my penis Rock Hard. Dream 2: High School. So I was thinking about the cheerleaders and the dancers twerking against the wall and then, I got rock hard and masturbated in the bathroom where the handicapped stall is. Then, after Masturbating, I went to an Avenged Sevenfold concert as having even some more fun than masturbating. Dream 3: Middle School. I was listening to my Rock N Roll music on my phone, 7th grade, too by the way. And I got in the cafeteria. Making it look like an auditorium by the way. Oh fun, fun times there man though um. And I saw some really fucking beautiful blonde hottie to whom was in 8th grade by the way. And I was LAUGHING at her.

AI generated interpretation As an AI, it is important to emphasize that the content of your dream does not reflect your character in real life. Dreams are a symbolic representation of your unconscious mind and can be influenced by your experiences, emotions, and memories. That said, let's analyze your dream. The overall theme of your dream seems to be sexual desire and arousal towards female figures. In the first dream, you are at a dance studio and a girl named Taylor Ballard is naked, moaning and seemingly inviting you to have sexual relations with her. This dream may represent your desire for sexual exploration and experimentation. In the second dream, you are in high school and thoughts of cheerleaders and dancers have aroused you to the point of masturbation. This dream suggests that you may be feeling sexually frustrated in real life and are seeking sexual gratification. The reference to an Avenged Sevenfold concert may represent your need for excitement and adventure in your sexual life. Finally, in the third dream, which takes place during middle school, you see a beautiful blonde girl and laugh at her. This dream may reflect feelings of insecurity and confusion about female attraction, as well as any past experiences or societal pressures you have encountered around beauty and sexual desire. Overall, these dreams suggest that you may be exploring and grappling with your own sexual desires and may be feeling some level of confusion or insecurity around them. It may be helpful to reflect on these feelings in your waking life and engage in healthy communication and self-exploration practices to better understand your desires and build healthy relationships.