Impressing the doctor and Janitors with dead trash

Date: 6/27/2017

By contactsilence

Dr L came to me and saw casts and slings on both arms and he proceeded to take them off. He said, "trying to impress me?" and I said No. but I paused and there was silence before I conceded and said "Yes!" Then we both had a good laugh over it. I was looking down a School hallway and it looked like dead bodies everywhere but when Albert and I inspected further, it was trash. Apparently the trash was arranged in the shape of dead bodies so as to deter anyone checking in on the custodians so they could do their work unsupervised. Courtney was walking up and back in a room full of people. An Indian woman was speaking and I shut the door behind me in the back and was careful to appear drone paying attention. When I had shut the door, it made the room darker and the speaker thought I was trying to sleep in the back. My daughter Courtney was singled out with her beautiful blonde hair but she was said to have a different mother. I corrected the announcer and everyone was surprised to learn she was my child.