Astronaut School

Date: 4/10/2019

By Muffin

I dreamt that I was in an astronaut school and it was just one big classroom and the tables were in a horse shoe shape and the room was kinda dark and there was a white board and tv at the front. Apparently I was the top student of that school but I was way behind on all the other schools and I was like damn those other kids at the other schools must work so hard and the space suits must get really hot and it must be really hard to do stuff in them. But then one of the student asked the teacher if we could go outside and fly around and the teacher was like yeah go for it and I got really exited and I was like oh yeah! I forgot I could fly! So me and heaps of other guys went outside onto the street and started flying. The street was busy and it was going up hill and the road was really wide. I remember that it was hard to stay in the air and keep flying like I had to move my arms around a lot