The Samari Fight

Date: 5/14/2017

By josiah22

There was a was going on with the Chinese and the Chinese, I was recruited and wanted to fight with a Samari sword, I was at a village with peaceful people and two Samari woriers, they had a hut that was guarded by two men and Samari' s gave me my own sword, it was long with a black handle, they both opened up a cherry coke and said i could have one and I went up stairs and At the top on the stairs was some soda pop and and a kid sitting there and I saw the army in a vision, then I said "I want water instead" so I came down stairs and was about to go outside but the guards stopped me or someone else with sticks and Samari said "There is an army coming" and we went outside and there was tall green trees and we were in a forest that had open areas and there was tons of food being made and we heard a army was coming within a month and I was looking for some food and water, then we heard marching and it was an army and they said they were supposed to be here a month ago which kinda confused me but I saw there warrior come up and he was fat and weighs about 300-400 pounds, he was about 7 foot tall and had long strait black hair half way down his back anf he walked towards me and had his sword drawn and my sword was all the way back at the house, I was looking to make a hotdog to eat right before battle so I could have strength and finally made one i think and ate it, I was standing next to this cool and his sword was sitting next to him handle down and blade up, I quickly grabbed it and swung and blocked my opponents swing, we fought and I was moving backwards, suddenly some cook was with me for some reason, maybe he wanted his sword back, so the guy stabbed him in the left arm through his chest and I couldn't block it, we were now about 40-50 feet from the huge wood house and he backed off and I through the sword away and I reached my hand out and a few seconds later my sword busted through the second story wall and into my hand and he laughed and said "your going to fight me with that weak & dull & puny sword??" And I felt the sharpness of it and it was sharp but also felt dull In other places, I said "wait, I need to pray," and he laughed and said "what?, you need to pray?" And he laughed again, so i stuck the blade in the ground and held the handle and said "lord deliver him into your hands and slay him" so we got ready and we fought fast and furious, the moment came when I cut his right hand off and yes my sword was dull at that point but still felt sharper then any other blade, he screamed and yelled and that was basically the end.