Dead Water

Date: 4/17/2017

By SydlyDiddly

It's early morning, right before dawn, and I'm walking down a road. A few cars pass here and there, but I have my mind set on other things. I feel so strung out, yet oddly calm. All my worries and stress have been building up and eating away at me. I can't help but to focus on everything that is wrong. All the sudden, I come across a body of water at the side of the road. I stop and turn to face it. It looks so peaceful and quiet, yet it's also dark and eerie. I find it...comforting. Then it hits me. All it takes to make everything stop and go away, to solve all my problems, I just have to simply walk in and never come out. No one is around and the road isn't busy enough, I doubt a driver would see anyway. It's so simple. It's easy. I just have to walk why can't I get myself to move? If it's so easy, why can't I gather up the courage to do it? I'm so weak, I can't even end my own life. Why? Why can't I just go throw with this? I turn around to watch the cars go by mindlessly. Why? ~ and then I woke up. Intense.