Still Shy Around Stephanie & The Horribly Gruesome Teen Fight

Date: 7/15/2017

By fluffytree

This dream happened during a short sleep between the hours of 3 and 4am. In it I dreamed I found myself at an alternate slightly different version of my house with my mom and sister. I was sitting in my room I think and my mom was talking to me about something. Then Stephanie from my job walks in and I start feeling shy since I get like that around most women I find attractive anyway. She says something to me but I can't remember. I couldn't say much of a reply back though and eventually I just move onto another dream. Now I'm at some mall watching a group of teenagers get into a fight. Specifically there are 2 black girls going at it, pulling on each other's hair, punching, and screaming "Bitch!" at one another every few seconds. Another girl shouts for someone to break it up cos she's afraid one of them might go crazy and do something serious. One of the girls is light skinned with braids and the other is dark skinned with shoulder length hair. The darker girl has a septum piercing in her nose, the kind that looks like a bull's nose ring, and so the other girl immediately exploits this and starts pulling as hard as she can. She rips it straight out causing blood to rapidly ooze down the girls mouth. Then she pulls on her earrings and snatches those out too, completely tearing through her ear lobes. It was brutal and horrific to watch. No wonder someone was desperately trying to break it up. This girl is sadistic. The other girl is on the ground crying in pain, but the girl with braids still isn't done with her. People start yelling for her to stop and try to say she won, it's over, but she's not stopping for anyone. I start thinking that I might be witnessing an actual murder taking place, especially by the sinister yet emotionless look on her face. She then digs her fingers into the still struggling girl's bloody nose and grabs something and begins pulling. Then I see something really long and fleshy being pulled out and it looks like intestines? That's when I realize it's the girl's brain. Jesus Christ she really is killing her. She keeps struggling for her dear life but as more and more of her brain matter gets pulled out, her eyes roll back in her head and she starts losing consciousness. I am horrified and terrified by what I see and get so distraught that I wake up in a panic.